Proceedings of 68th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Snow Conference
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

June 14-16, 2011

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Table of Contents

The 2011 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 68th Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
Weisnet Medal for Best Student Paper
Investigating correlations between snowmelt and forest fires in a high latitude snowmelt dominated drainage basin
K.A. Semmens and J.M. Ramage
Weisnet Medal for Best Student Paper - Runner up
Climatic controls on the dissolved organic carbon and nitrate export during spring snowmelt from forested
catchments in south-central Ontario

N.H. Casson, M.C. Eimers and S.A. Watmough
David Miller Award for Best Student Poster
The use of detailed forest structure to explain plot scale snowmelt patterns in a conifer forest: Improving physically
based model representation of sub-canopy hydrometeorology

K. Musselman, N.P. Molotch and S.A. Margulis
David Miller Award for Best Student Poster - Runner up

A simple in situ sensor for snow grain size measurement
A. Kasurak, R. Kelly and J. King

Campell Scientific Prize for Best Canadian Student Paper

Connection to summer baseflow, Sunshine Coast, B.C.
M. Beaulieu and H. Schreier


Mass balance loss of Mount Baker, Washington glaciers 1990−2010
M. Pelto and C. Brown

Hydrochemistry of Snow and Ice

Effects of melt on snowpack stratigraphy and chemistry on the Kahiltna Glacier, Central Alaska Range
D. Winski, K. Kreutz, E. Osterberg, S. Campbell and C. Wake

Influence of snow cover area on net ecosystem exchange during snowmelt at Daring Lake, NWT
K.A. Luus, R.E.J. Kelly, J.C. Lin, E.R. Humphreys and P. Lafleur

River Ice and Hydrology

Observed impacts of precipitation on the cryologic regime of stream channels
B. Turcotte, B. Morse and F. Anctil

Ice jam modelling and field data collection for flood forecasting in the Saint John River, New Brunswick
S. Beltaos, P. Tang and R. Rowsell

Reconstructing snowmelt runoff in the Yukon River Basin using the SWEHydro Model and AMSR-E observations
J.M. Ramage and K.A. Semmens

Snow and Climate

Spatial interpolation of sub-daily air temperatures for improving snow and hydrological forecasts on Alpine catchments
E. Jabot, I. Zin, T. Level, A. Gautheron and C. Obled

Remote Sensing of Snow and Ice

MODIS snow cover algorithms and products—Improvements for collection 6
G. Riggs and D. Hall

In-situ measurements for snow grain size and shape characterization using optical methods
B. Montpetit, A. Royer, A. Langois, M. Chum, P. Cliche, A. Roy, N. Champollion, G. Picard, F. Dominé and R.Obbard

Snowpack Properties - Posters

GIS of Snow Cover in James Bay (Canada)
R. Fortier
The Canadian Meteorological Centre Global Daily Snow Depth Analysis, 1998−2011: Overview, experience and

R. Brown and B. Brasnett
“Business as usual or alternative strategies”
B.H. Ramsay

Comparison of the SnowHydro snow sampler with existing snow tube designs in southwestern Alberta, Canada
D. Dixon and S. Boon

Winter, snow and cold in the life of the Westviking
J. Toupin

Sno-Foo Award

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