Proceedings of the 67th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Snow Conference
Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, Hancock, MA
June 8-10, 2010

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Table of Contents

The 2010 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 67th Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
Weisnet Medal for Best Student Paper
The river ice break-up season in Canada: variations in water levels and timing
S.J. von de Wall, L.P. de Rham and T.D. Prowse
David Miller Award for Best Student Poster
Analyzing RADARSAT-1 imagery to determine variability and trends in ice cover on shallow lakes near Churchill,

N. Svacina and C. Duguay

Skykomish River, Washington, Impact of Ongoing Glacier Retreat on Streamflow
M.S. Pelto

Polar lessons for our International Polar Year (IPY, 2007−2009) from the International Geophysical Year (IGY,
1957−1958): Some Canadian Examples

M.A. Ecclestone, J.G. Cogley and W.P. Adams

MODIS Snow Cover Mapping Decision Tree Technique: Snow and Cloud Discrimination
G. Riggs and D.K. Hall

Satellite Identification of Transient Snowline Variation during the Melt Season for Mass Balance Assessment: Taku
and Brady Glacier, Alaska

M.S. Pelto

Effects of Changes in Snow Pattern and the Timing of Runoff on NYC Water Supply System
A.H. Matonse, D.C. Pierson, A. Frei, M.S. Zion, E.M. Schneiderman, A. Anandhi, R. Mukundan and S.M. Pradhanang

Using SWAT Model and Snow Survey Data to Assess Spatial Variability of Snowpack in the Cannonsville
Watershed, New York, USA

S. M. Pradhanang, A. Anandhi, R. Nukundan, M.S. Zion, D.C. Pierson, E.M. Schneiderman, A. Matonse and A.P. Frei

Application of Snow Core and Automated Remote Data Collection to Monitor SWE in NYC’s Water Supply

J.H. Porter and G.D. Horton

The Edmonton Journal and La Presse Newspapers (1956−2006): A Comparison in Delivering the Message of
Winter in Canada

J. Toupin

New York

AR4 Climate Model Performance in Simulating Snow Water Equivalent over Catskill Mountain Watersheds, New
York, USA

A. Anandhi, S.M. Pradhanang, M.S. Zion, D.C. Pierson, A. Frei, E.M. Schneiderman, R. Mukundan and A. Matonse

Investigation and Modeling of Winter Streamflow Timing and Magnitude under Changing Climate Conditions for
the Catskill Mountain Region, New York, USA

M.S. Zion, S.M. Pradhanang, D.C. Pierson, A. Anandhi, D.G. Lounsbury, A.H. Matonse and E.M. Schneiderman

Snow in the Forest

Impacts of Complex Terrain on Evapotranspiration within a Tropical Alpine Valley in the Peruvian Andes
R.A. Hellström, A. Higgins, D. Ferris, B. Mark and D. Levia

Mapping of Snow Water Equivalent and Runoff

AMSR-E Snow Water Equivalent Associated with AMSR-E Growing Season Soil Moisture, Vegetation Opacity
and Air Temperature Over Six Arctic Study Sites (2003−2008)

K.A. Luus, C.R. Duguay, R.E.J. Kelly, J.C. Lin and Y. Gel

North Carolina

A Comparison of Satellite-Derived Snow Maps with a Focus on Ephemeral Snow in North Carolina
D.K. Hall, C.M. Fuhrmann, L.B. Perry, G.A. Riggs, D.A. Robinson, and J. L. Foster

Spatial Patterns of Snow Cover in North Carolina: Surface and Satellite Perspectives
C.M. Fuhrmann, D.K. Hall, L.B. Perry and G.A. Riggs

Snow Cover

Projections of Future Air Temperatures and Melt Season Duration for McMurdo Station and Pegasus Runway
J.H. Weatherly and J. Helble

Sno-Foo Award

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