Proceedings of the the 66th Annual Eastern Snow Conference
Fairlee (Niagara-on-the Lake), Ontario, Canada

June 9-11, 2009

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Table of Contents

The 2009 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 66th Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
Weisnet Medal for Best Student Paper
In situ Observations of Snow Sublimation using Scanning Electron Microscopy
S. Chen and I. Baker
David Miller Award for Best Student Poster
Artificial Neural Networks Approach to Fractional Snow Cover Mapping
I.D. Doberva and A.G. Klein

Preliminary Evaluation of the AFWA-NASA (ANSA) Blended Snow-Cover Product over the Lower Great Lakes Region
D.K. Hall, J.L. Foster, G.A. Riggs, R.E.J. Kelly, J.Y.L. Chien, and P.M. Montesano

Combining MODIS Snow Cover and AMSR-E SWE Maps
G. Riggs, D. Hall and J. Foster

Perception of Winter in Canada Through La Presse Newspaper (1959-2006)
J. Toupin and R. Langevin

Potential for Monitoring Snow cover in Boreal Forests by Winter Storms: An Overlooked Source of Death, Destruction, and Inconvenience in the Carolina Piedmont Region
C.M. Fuhrmann, R.P. Connolly, and C.E. Konrad

Using a Temperature-Based Model of Snow Accumulation and Melt to Assess the Long-Term Hydrologic Behaviour of Forested Headwater Basins in South-Central Ontario
J.M. Buttle

Towards a Geographical Information System of Snow Cover in Eastern Townships (Canada)
R. Fortier

Improved Sub-Grid Scale Modeling of Surface Energy Balance over Snow
J.W. Weatherly

Temporal Variation in Land Surface Temperatures of Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf System (LGAISS)
Z. Chi and A.G. Klein


Lyman Glacier A Century of Change
M.S. Pelto

The Recessions of the Pasterze Glacier, Austria, as Seen on Maps, Satellite Imagery and Measured in situ from 1864 to 2008
K.J. Bayr and D.J .Hall

Elevation Change of Drangajökull, Iceland, from Cloud-Cleared ICESat Repeat Profiles and GPS Ground-Survey Data
C.A. Shuman, O. Sigurdsson, R.S. Williams, Jr. and D.K. Hall

Trends in Snow Cover Extent and Accumulation

Integrated Pan-Arctic Melt Onset Detection from Satellite Microwave Measurements
L. Wang, C. Derksen, S. Howell, G.J. Wolken, M. Sharp, and T. Markus

Land Surface Thermodynamic Response to Snow Depth Variability
Y. Ge and G. Gong

Remote Sensing of Snow

Conceptual Validation of a Prototype Passive Microwave Snow Water Equivalent Retrieval Algorithm for Tundra Environments
P. Toose, C. Derksen, A. Rees, A. Silis, W. Strapp, and A. Walker

Sea Ice

Field Observations of Shallow Freeze and Thaw Processes using High-Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar
C.M. Steelman, A.L. Endres, and J. van der Kruk


Mixed-Effects Regression from Snow Distribution Modeling in the Central Yukon
A. Kasurak, E. Kelly, and A. Brenning

Regional Assessment of the Contribution of Rain-on-Snow Events to NO3-N Export from a Forested Landscape
N.J. Casson, M.C. Eimers, and J. Buttle

2008 Paper

An Airborne Gamma-Ray Snow Survey in the James Bay Region
R. Fortin, L. Sander, M. Nadeau, and R.L. Grasty

Sno-Foo Award

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