Proceedings of the the 65th Annual Eastern Snow Conference
Fairlee (Lake Morey), Vermont, USA

May 28-30, 2008

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Table of Contents

The 2007 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 65th Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
Weisnet Medal for Best Student Paper
Synoptic-Scale Airflow and Moisture Transport Associated with Freezing Rain Events in Central North Carolina
C.M. Fuhrmann and C.E. Konrad II
Campbell Scientific Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology in Gathering Data

Operational Techniques for Determining SWE by Sound Propagation through Snow: II. Instrumentation and Testing
N.J. Kinar and J.W. Pomeroy

David Miller Award for Best Student Poster
Retrieval of Surface Melt Magnitude over Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica Using Coupled Optical and Thermal Satellite Measurements
C.C. Karmosky and D.J. Lampkin
Human Interactions with Snow
Expected Pollutant Pathway Differences between Snow Deposits and a Permeable Snow Cooling Plant
J. Feiccabrino, A. Lundberg and K. Skogsberg

Snow and Snowpack Processes

Parameterizing Turbulent Exchange at a Snow-Covered Surface
E.L. Andreas, P.Ola, G. Perrson, R.E. Jordan, T.W. Horst, P.S. Guest, A.A. Grachev and C.W. Fairall

Mercury Concentration and Deposition in Snow in Eastern Temperate North America
S.J. Nelson, I.J. Fernandez and J.S. Kahl
Snowfall Measurements in the Amundsen and Bellingshausen Seas, Antarctica
K.C. Leonard and R.I. Cullather
Assessing Snow Accumulation from Local Data in Alpine Areas: The Response of Regression-Based Snow
Interpolation Methods to Sample and Grid Size

J.I. López Moreno, J. Latron and A. Lehmann
Analysis of Snow Cover Variability and Change in Québec, 1948-2005
R.D. Brown
Atmospheric Influences on New Snowfall Density in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, USA
L.B. Perry, D.K. Miller, S.E. Yuter, L.G. Lee and S.J. Keighton
Subtle Winter Climatic Variations along the St. Lawrence Valley between Montreal and Quebec City (Canada)
J. Toupin
Variability at Colorado Operational Snow Measurement Sites: Snowcourse Stations at Collocated Snow
Telemetry Stations

S.R. Fassnacht, M.E. Skordahl and J.E. Derry

Ice: Rivers, Lakes and Sheets

The Impact of Ice Cover Roughness on Stream Hydrology
M.J. Crance and K.M. Frothingham

Modeling of River Ice Jams for Flood Forecasting in New Brunswick
P. Tang and S. Beltaos
Permafrost and Glaciers
Hydrologic Insights from a Monitoring Well through a Permafrost Island in a Wetland: Tanana Flats, Alaska
M.G. Ferrick, C.M. Collins and G. Larsen
Extent of Equilibrium or Disequilibrium Response of Pacific Northwest US Glaciers
M.S. Pelto
Remote Sensing and Modeling of Snow

“Ground Truth” Snow Measurements – Review of Operational and New Measurement Methods for Sweden, Norway and Finland
A. Lundberg, N. Granlund and D. Gustafsson


Precipitation Phase Discrimination in Sweden
J. Feiccabrino and A. Lundber

Snowpack Properties Effects on Satellite Brightness Temperature and Emissivity Data
A.E. Azar, N. Shahroudi, A. Powel and R. Khanbilvardi
Evaluation of Pixelbase and Subpixel Methods for Snow Cover Studying in Regional Scale
S. Dadashi, A.-A. Matkan, P. Ziaiian and D. Ashorlo
Evaluation of Model Assimilated and Satellite Observed Snow Cover Products
G.A. Riggs, D.K. Hall, J.L. Foster and M. Bosilovich
Validation of the AFWA-NASA Blended Snow-Cover Product in Finland, 2006–2007
K.A. Casey, E.J. Kim, M.T. Hallikainen, J.L. Foster, D.K. Hall and G.A. Riggs
Snow Microstructure
The Influence of Temperature Gradient on Sintering of Ice Particles
S. Chen and I. Baker
Laboratory Study of Salinity Influence on the Relationship between Electrical Conductivity and Wetness of Snow
N. Granlund, A. Lundberg and D. Gustafsson
Operational Techniques for Determining SWE by Sound Propagation through Snow: I. General Theory
N.J. Kinar and J.W. Pomeroy
Heat and Mass Transfer in Snow: A Micro-Structural Study Using Computed Micro-Tomography and Phase-Field

Th.U. Kaempfer, M. Schneebeli, B. Pinzer and M. Plapp
Snow Measurements and Ice
A Cost-Effective Automated Sensor Network for Meteorological and Snow Depth Measurements
R.Å. Hellström
Measuring Heavy Snowfall Using Five Different Windshields and Vibrating-Wire Precipitation Gauges
C.E. Duchon, J.A. Cole and R. Rasmussen
Preliminary Results on the Characterization of Firn Using SEM and Micro CT
R.W. Lomonaco, I. Baker and S. Chen
2007 Papers
Snowpack Structure in a Beetle-Killed Stand Compared with Live and Logged Stands
S. Boon
Sno-Foo Award

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