Proceedings of the the 64th Annual Eastern Snow Conference

May 29 - June 1, 2007

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

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Table of Contents

The 2007 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 64th Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
General Eastern Snow Conference Contributions
Improved Mapping of Snow Water Equivalent over Quebec
Ross D. Brown and Dominique Tabsoba
High-Resolution Near-Surface Snow Stratigraphy Inferred from Ground-Based 8-18 Ghz FMCW Radar Measurements: Devon Ice Cap, Nunavut, Canada 2005-06, Cryosat Validation Experiment
Michael N. Demuth, Hans-Peter Marshall and Elizabeth M. Moriss

The Eastern Snow Conference and the Atlantic Provinces, especially the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
Miles Ecclestone and Peter Adams

Remote Sensing of Snow
Blended visible, passive microwave and scatterometer global snow products
James Foster, Dorothy Hall, John Eylander, Ed Kim, George Riggs, Marco Tedesco, Son Nghiem, Richard Kelly, Bhaskar Choudhury and Rolf Reichle
Detection of Pan-Arctic terrestrial snowmelt onset from QuickSCAT, 2000-2005
Libo Wang and Chris Derksen
Using SSM/I to validate continental-scale modelled snow water equivalent
Debbie Putt, Robert Gurney and Keith Haines

Analysis of time series of satellite passive microwave observation of snow over the Colorado Cold Lands Processes Experiment Study Region
R.E.J. Kelly and T. Markus

Snow depth measurements using ground-based FMCW Radar Measurements of dry snowpacks during December of the 2006-2007 NASA CLPX-II
Hans-Peter Marshall, Nick Rutter and Gary Koh

The contribution of AMSR-18.7 and 10.7 GHz measurements to improved boeral forest snow water equivalent retreivals
Chris Derksen
Preliminary assessment of AMSR-E snow water equivilant values for eastern Turkey
A.E. Tekeli
A reassessment of the satellite record of glacier change in the Rwenzori Mountains, East Africa
Andrew G. Klein and Joni L. Kincaid
Preliminary evaluation of the AFWA-NASA blended snow-cover product over the lower Great Lakes Region
D.K. Hall, P.M. Montesano, J.L. Foster, G.A. Riggs, R.E.J. Kelly and K. Czajkowski
Melting snow from passive microwave observations for a microwave/visible blended product: first results
M. Tedesco, J.L. Foster, D.K. Hall, E.J. Kim and G. Riggs
Snowfall and Snow Cover Measurement
The distribution and properties and role of snow cover in the open tundra
Andrew Rees, Michael English, Chris Derksen and Arvids Sills
Gauge undercatch of two common snowfall gauges in a prarie environment
Jimmy P. Macdonald and John W. Pomeroy

Preliminary results of ultrasonic snow depth sensor testing for National Weather Service (NWS) snow measurements in the U.S.
Wendy A. Ryan, Nolan J. Doesken and Steven R. Fassnacht

Snowpack Processes: Measurement and Modeling

FASST and SNTHERM in both Forested and Open Sites
Susan Frankenstein, Anne Sawyer, Julie Koeberle and Daniel Hopkins

From the tree to the forest: the influence of a sparse canopy on stand scale snow water equivalent
Patrick J. Ewing and Steven R. Fassnacht

Ion enrichment of snowmelt runoff water caused by basal ice formation
Gro Lilbæk and John W. Pomeroy

Modeling heat and mass transer in snow at a microstructural level using a phase-field approach - first results
T.U. Kaempfer and M. Plapp
Snow Cover and Climate
Impacts of climate change on wintertime precipitation, snowmelt regime, surface runoff and infiltration in the Northeastern USA during the 21st century
Thomas G. Huntington, Justin Sheffield and Katharine Hayhoe
Northern hemisphere winter climate variability: response to North American snow cover anomalies and orography
Stefan Sobolowski, Gavin Gong, and Mingfang Ting
Rain-on-snow event and its relationships to air temperature over northern Eurasia
Hengchun Ye, Daquing Yang and David Robinson

Synoptic classification of snowfall events in the Great Smoky Mountains, USA
L. Baker Perry, Charles E. Konrad, David Holtz and Laurence G. Lee

Albedo observations with large concentrations of black carbon in high arctic snow packs from Svalbard
Carl Egede Bøggild, Mikael Lüthje and Jeff Holmes

Winter Climate along the St. Lawerence Valley
Jerry Toupin

Hydrometeorological Prediction in Cold Regions and Seasons
Drought impacts on Canadian prairie wetland snow hydrology
Xing Fang and John W. Pomeroy
Peat hydraulic conductivity in cold regions and its relation to pore size and geometry
William L. Quinton, Masaki Hayashi, Sean K. Carey and Trevor Myers
Sno-Foo Award

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