Proceedings of the the 63rd Annual Eastern Snow Conference

June 8-10, 2006
Newark, Delaware

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Table of Contents

The 2005 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 61st Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
Weisnet Medal for Best Student Paper
The Influence of Snow–Soil Moisture Flux on Snowpack Metamorphism in Late Winter and Early Spring
Y.C. Chung and A.W. England
Campbell Scientific Award for Best Canadian Student Paper
Potential of a Water Balance Model with High Temporal Resolution for the Distributed Modelling of Ice- and Snowmelt Processes at High Elevated Sites
G. Koboltschnig, H. Holzmann, W. Schoener, and M. Zappa
Snow and Climate
20th Century North American Snow Extent Trends: Climate Change or Natural Climate Variability?
A. Frei, G. Gong, D.A. Robinson, G. Choi, D. Ghatak, and Y. Ge
Snow and Climate Posters
Observed Differences Between Snow Extent and Snow Variability at Continental Scales
Y. Ge and G. Gong
Climate Variability, Snowmelt Distribution, and Effects on Streamflow in a Cascades Watershed
A. Jefferson, A. Nolin, S. Lewis, M. Payne, G. Grant, and C. Tague
Synoptic Patterns Associated with the Record Snowfall of 1960 in the Southern Appalachians
L.B. Perry and C.E. Konrad II
Influence of Snowfall Anomalies on Summer Precipitation in the Northern Great Plains of North America
S.M. Quiring and D.B. Kluver

Snow Remote Sensing

Estimating Sublimation of Intercepted and Sub-Canopy Snow Using Eddy Covariance Systems
N. Molotch, P. Blanken, M. Williams, A. Turnipseed, R. Monson, and S. Margulis
The Retrievals of Snow Cover Extent and Snow Water Equivalent from a Blended Passive Microwave—Interactive Multi-Sensor Snow Product
C. Kongoli, C.A. Dean, S.R. Helfrich, and R.R. Ferraro
Time Series Analysis and Algorithm Development for Estimating SWE in Great Lakes Area Using Microwave Data
A.E. Azar, H. Ghedira, P. Romanov, S. Mahani, and R. Khanbilvardi
On the Evaluation of Snow Water Equivalent Estimates Over the Terrestrial Arctic Drainage Basin
M.A. Rawlins, M. Fahnestock, S. Frolking, and C.J. Vörösmarty
Snow Remote Sensing Posters
AMSR-E Algorithm for Snowmelt Onset Detection in Subarctic Heterogeneous Terrain
J.D. Apgar, J.M. Ramage, R.A. McKenney, and P. Maltais
Combination of Active and Passive Microwave to Estimate Snowpack Properties in Great Lakes Area
A.E. Azar, T. Lakhankar, N. Shahroudi, and R. Khanbilvardi

Enhancements and Forthcoming Developments to the Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS)
S.R. Helfrich, D. McNamara, B.H. Ramsay, T. Baldwin, and T. Kasheta

Retreat of Tropical Glaciers in Colombia and Venezuela from 1984 to 2004 as Measured from ASTER and Landsat Images
J.N. Morris, A.J. Poole, and A.G. Klein

Snowpack Processes

Snow Cover Patterns and Evolution at Basin Scale: GEOtop Model Simulations and Remote Sensing Observations
S. Endrizzi, G. Bertoldi, M. Neteler, and R. Rigon
Microstructural Characterization of Firn
I. Baker, R. Obbard, D. Iliescu, and D. Meese
Computational Time Steps of Winter Water Balance for Snow Losses at United States Meteorological Stations
S.R. Fassnacht
Shaped Solution Domains for Snow Properties
R.A. Melloh, S.A. Shoop, and B.A. Coutermarsh
Glacial and Periglacial Processes
Quantifying the Effect of Anisotropic Properties in Snow for Modelling Meltwater Retention
C.E. Bøggild
The Equilibrium Flow and Mass Balance of the Taku Glacier, Alaska, 1950–2005
M.S. Pelto, G.W. Adema, M.J. Beedle, S.R. McGee, M.M. Miller, K.F. Sprenke, and M. Lang

An Embedded Sensor Network for Measuring Hydrometeorological Variability Within an Alpine Valley
R.Å. Hellström and B.G. Mark

Snow and Periglacial Processes Poster
A Treatise on the Preponderance of Designs Over Historic and Measured Snowfalls, or No Two Snowflakes Are Alike: Considerations About the Formation of Snowflakes and the Possible Numbers and Shapes of Snowflakes
M. Pilipski and J.D. Pilipski
62nd ESC Papers
Simulations of North American Snow Cover by AGCMs and AOGCMs
A. Frei, G. Gong, and R. Brown
The Impact of Patchy Snow Cover on Snow Water Equivalent Estimates Derived from Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures Over a Prairie Environment
K.R. Turchenek, J.M. Piwowari, and C. Derksen
Sno-Foo Award

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