Proceedings of the the 62nd Annual Eastern Snow Conference

June 8-10
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Table of Contents

The 2005 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 61st Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
Poster Paper Highlights
The Relation Between Air Temperature and Freeze-Up/Break-Up Dates on Lakes Across Northern Canada
F. Lenormand and C.R. Duguay
The Impact of Patchy Snow Cover on Snow Water Equivalent Estimates Derived from Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures Over a Prairie Environment
K.R. Turchenek, J.M. Piwowar, and C. Derksen
Comparison of MODIS Daily Global Fractional Snow Cover Maps at 0.05- and 0.25-Degree Resolutions
G.A. Riggs, N. Digirolamo, and D.K. Hall
Changes in the Harding Icefield and the Grewingk-Yalik Glacier Complex
D.K. Hall, B.A. Giffen, and J.Y.L. Chien
Investigating Relationships Between Land-Cover, Forest Structure, and In-Situ and Airborne Passive Microwave Snow Water Equivalent in a Boreal Forest Environment
P. Toose, C. Derksen, A. Walker, and E. LeDrew
Are Minor and Trace Elements Useful Indicators of Chemical Weathering Processes and Flow-Routing in Subglacial Hydrological Systems?
A.C. Mitchell, G.H. Brown, and R. Fuge
High Arctic Ponds, Somerset Island, Nunavut: Spatial and Temporal Variation in Snowcover and Snowmelt
K.L. Young and A. Abnizova
Hydrologic Recovery of Snow Accumulation and Melt Following Harvesting in Northeastern Ontario
J.M. Buttle, C.J. Oswald, and D.T. Woods
Snow Modeling
Boundary Layer Growth Over Snow and Soil Patches: Field Observations
R.J. Granger, R. Essery, and J.W. Pomeroy

Snowmelt Infiltration and Runoff from Forested Hillslopes, Boreal Plain, Alberta
T.E. Redding and K.J. Devito

Processes of Solar Radiation Transfer Through a Sub-Arctic Shrub Canopy
D. Bewley, J.W. Pomeroy, and R.L.H. Essery
Uncertainties in Estimating Turbulent Fluxes to Melting Snow in a Mountain Clearing
W.D. Helgason and J.W. Pomeroy
Estimating the Snow Water Equivalent on the Gatineau Catchment Using Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling
O. Seidou, V. Fortin, A. St-Hilaire, A.-C. Favre, S. El Adlouni, B. Bobée
Remote Sensing of Snow I
Scaling Associated with Averaging and Resampling of LiDAR-Derived Montane Snow Depth Data
S.R. Fassnacht and J.S. Deems
Derivation of Topoclimatic Indices for Alpine Snowpack Analysis in Alberta Rocky Mountain Watersheds
D.R. Peddle, N.J. Rabe, S.A. Soenen, and D.L. Johnson
Glaciers and Glacial Processes

Role of a Supraglacial Snowpack in Mediating the Delivery of Meltwater to the Glacier System: Implication for
Glacier Dynamics

F. Campbell, P. Nienow, and R. Purves

The Current Disequilibrium of North Cascade Glaciers
M.S. Pelto

Remote Sensing of Snow II

Preliminary Assessment of the Impact of Lakes on Passive Microwave Snow Retrieval Algorithms in the Arctic
C. Duguay, J. Green, C. Derksen, M. English, A. Rees, M. Sturm, and A. Walker
Assessing Snowpack Water Equivalent Distribution in an Open Tundra Environment Using Various Scales of Passive Microwave Data
A. Rees, M. English, C. Derksen, and A. Walker
Special Session - Arctic
Shrub Tundra Snowmelt
J.W. Pomeroy, D.S. Bewley, R.L.H. Essery, N.R. Hedstrom, T. Link, R.J. Granger, J.E. Sicart, C.R. Ellis, and J.R. Janowicz
Snowmelt Runoff Processes in a Headwater Lake Catchment, Subarctic Canadian Shield
C. Mielko and M-K Woo
Variability and Change in the Cryosphere II
The Influence of the Great Lakes on Snowfall Patterns in the Southern Appalachians
B. Perry and C.E. Konrad

Snow Cover Changes in Bulgarian Mountainous Regions, 1931–2000
N. Petkova, R. Brown, E. Koleva, and V. Alexandrov

The Density of Falling Snow in New England, 1949–2001
Thomas G. Huntington
Blowing Snow: Observations and Modeling
Wind Stress Functions for Blowing Snow Initiation and Transport, in Vegetated Grids
K.I. Simon, P.A. Taylor, and M. Gordon
Cold Climate Technology and Experiments
The Fate of Organic Contaminants and Experiments
T. Meyer, Y.D. Lei, F. Wania
Sno-Foo Award

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