Proceedings of the the 61st Annual Eastern Snow Conference

June 9-11
Portland, Maine, USA

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Table of Contents

The 2004 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 61st Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
Wiesnet Medal for Best Student Paper
Experimental Study and Mathematical Modeling of Flashover on EHV Insulators Covered with Ice
J. Farzaneh-Dehkordi, J. Zhang, and M. Farzaneh
Measuring Snow and Snow Processes
Estimating Alter-Shielded Gauge Snowfall Undercatch, Snowpack Sublimation, and Blowing Snow Transport at Six Sites in the Conterminous United States
S.R. Fassnacht
Weigh Gauge Algorithms
H.H. Lamb and Y. Durocher
Temperature Gradient Metamorphism Observed by Computed Micro-Tomography
S.A. Sokratov, T.U. Kaempfer, and M. Schneebeli
Influence of Method of Measurement of Daily Snowfall on Climate Normals in Ontario, Canada
H.R. Whiteley
Hydrochemical Responses of Snowmelt in Artificial Rain-on-Snow Experiments
J. Lee, A. Faiia, X. Feng, R. Osterhuber, and J.W. Kirchner
Remote Sensing of Snow and Ice
Assessing Snow Water Equivalent Distribution Across the Canadian Northern Boreal Forest
C. Derksen, A. Walker, and B. Goodison
Comparison of MODIS and SnowStar Snow Maps in Scandinavia
D.K. Hall, R. Solberg, K.A. Casey, and J.-G. Winther

Snow Mapping with the MODIS Aqua Instrument
G. Riggs and D.K. Hall

Basin-Scale Snow Estimates
The GEOTOP Snow Model
F. Zanotti, S. Endrizzi, G. Bertoldi, and R. Rigon
Relationships Between Point Snow Depth Measurements and Snow Distribution at the Landscape Level in the Southern Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan
N.N. Neumann, C. Derksen, and B.E. Goodison
A Segmentation Approach for Distributing Snow Processes in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire
R.A. Melloh and J.P. Hardy
Streamflow Predictability in the Upper Versus Lower Colorado River Sub-Basins
S.R. Fassnacht
The Creation of a Denser Basin Averaged SWE Grid by Incorporating Daily Observations with Biweekly Basin Averaged SWE
K. Coulon
Glacial Processes
Temperature-Ablation Relationships on Glaciers and in Alpine Areas, North Cascades, Washington
M.S. Pelto
Retreat of the Irian Jaya Glaciers from 2000 to 2002 as Measured from IKONOS Satellite Images
J.L. Kincaid and A.G. Klein

Disruption of Sand-Wedge Polygons at McMurdo Station, Antarctica: An Indication of Physical Disturbance
A.G. Klein, M.C. Kennicutt II, G.A. Wolff, S.T. Sweet, D.A. Gielstra, and T. Bloxom

Lake Ice
A Laurentian Great Lakes Ice Cover Climatology
R. Assel
Winter Storms
Northwest Flow Snowfall in the Southern Appalachians: Spatial and Synoptic Patterns
B. Perry and C.E. Konrad, II
Forecasting Ice-Affected Rivers at the Northeast River Forecast Center
V.T. Hom, E.J. Capone, and T.W. Econopouly
60th ESC Papers
Deriving Glacier Mass Balance and Recent Climate Conditions from Shallow Ice Cores
C.T. Stuart and M.J. Sharp
Volume Balance of White Glacier Terminus, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, 1961-2003
R. A. Hember, J.G. Cogley and M.A. Ecclestone
Sno-Foo Award

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