Proceedings of the the 60th Annual Eastern Snow Conference

June 4-6
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

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Table of Contents

The 2003 Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings
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Introductory Materials
Statement of Purpose
Executives for the 60th Eastern Snow Conference
President’s Page
Wiesnet Medal for Best Student Paper
Validation of the Snow Cover Variation of the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM) Using Passive Microwave Satellite Data
A. Langlois, A. Royer, and A. Frigon
Remote Sensing
Overview of the 2003 Canadian AMSR-E Snow Water Equivalent Validation Campaign
B. Derksen, A. Walker, and B. Goodison
Determination of Broadband Albedos of Partially Snow-Covered Sites for Validation of MODIS Snow Albedo Retrievals
A.G. Klein
Teaching Snow Hydrology to Science and Non-Science Majors
S.R. Fassnacht
Interfaces: Snow and Rivers; Snow and Soil
Design, Installation of a Snowmelt Lysimeter and Analysis for Energy Mass Balance Model Studies in Turkey
A.E. Tekeli, A.A. Sorman, A. Sensoy, and A.U. Sorman
Wintertime Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 from the Mer Bleue Bog Peatland: Results from a Field Study
C.R. Smith and P.M. Lafleur
Operational Collection and Assessment of Snowpack Data at National Weather Service Burlington, Vermont
G. Hanson
Snow and Ice at High Altitudes and High Latitudes

Predicting Glacier Distributions: Local Climate Predictions
K.E. Arrell and I.S. Evans

Change in Longitudinal Profile on Three North Cascade Glaciers During the Last 100 Years
M.S. Pelto and P. Hartzell
Snow in Forests
Snowmelt in a Canadian Spruce Forest: A Sensitivity Study to the Canopy Cover
J.E. Sicart, J. Pomeroy, R. Essery, and J. Hardy
Spatial Distribution of Canopy Gaps in Lodgepole Pine Forest
R. Melloh, J. Ballard, J. Hardy, C. Woodcock, J. Liu, J. Smith, G. Koenig, and R. Davis
Differential Winter Stemflow Generation Under Contrasting Storm Conditions in Southern New England Broadleaved Deciduous Forest
D.F. Levia, Jr.
Spatial Variability of Fall Soil Moisture and Spring Snow Water Equivalent Within a Mountainous Sub-Arctic Watershed
J.R. Janowicz, D.M. Gray, and J.W. Pomeroy
Snowpack–Vegetation–Terrain Relationships Across the Arctic Treeline, Churchill MB
G.P. Kershaw
Remote Sensing of Snow and Ice
An Approach Using Contextual Analysis to Monitor River Ice from RADARSAT Data
Y. Gauthier, A. El Battay, M. Bernier, and T.B.M.J. Ouarda

Comparison of SSM/I Satellite Data with Modeled Snowpack Water Content for Areas of Northern and Southern Ontario
C. Gidda, H. Whiteley, I. Rubinstein, and H. Schroeter

Snow Measurement and Applications
On the Validation of Snow Densities Derived from SNOWPOWER Probes in a Temperate Snow Cover in Eastern Canada: First Results
M. Niang, M. Bernier, Y. Gauthier, G. Fortin, E. Van Bochove, M. Stacheder, and A. Brandelik
Historical Trend in the Ratio of Solid to Total Precipitation in New England in Recent Decades
T.G. Huntington, G.A. Hodgkins, B.D. Keim, and R.W. Dudley
59th ESC Papers
Reduction of Cloud Obscuration in the MODIS Snow Data Product
G. Riggs and D.K. Hall
Sno-Foo Award

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