Proceedings of the 57th Annual Eastern Snow Conference

May 17-19
Syracuse, New York, USA

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the 2001 Proceedings
The Geographical Distribution of Eastern Snow Conference Meetings: 1949-2000
M. Ecclestone
Winter Streamflow Leachate Dynamics from Deciduous Canopy Trees in Relation to Precipitation Event Characteristics
D.F. Levia, Jr.
Incorporating Effects of Forest Litter in a Snow Processes Model
J.P. Hardy, R. Melloh, P. Robinson, and R. Jordan
Albedo and Snow Properties During Ablation in a Sub-Arctic Alpine Environment
G. Fortin, J. Pomeroy, and M. Bernier
Representation of Forest Cover in a Physically Based Snowmelt Model, Phase II
R.Å. Hellström
Sensitivity of Selected Freezing Rain Models to Meteorological Data
P. McComber
The Impact of Sampling Density on Glacier Mass Balance Determination
M.S. Pelto
Ice-Related Data Series from Expedition Fiord, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada
M. Ecclestone, J.G. Cogley, W.P. Adams, and C.H. Taylor
Geography of Blizzards in the Continental United States
R.M. Schwartz
The National Climate Extremes Committee's Evaluation of the Reported 1,140 Inch National 1998-99 Seasonal Snowfall Record at the Mount Baker, Washington, Ski Area
R.J. Leffler, A. Horvitz, M. Changery, R. Downs, K.T. Redmond, and G. Taylor
Summer Snowpack Variations with Altitude on Mount Baker, Washington, 1990-1999: A Comparison with Record 1998/1999 Snowfall
MS Pelto
Patterns and Trends in Snowpack Water Equivalent at a Northern Vermont Site, 1960-2000
J.B. Shanley, J.C. Denner, D. Calkins, and S. Maleski
Winter Season Variability in North American Prairie SWE Distribution and Atmospheric Circulation
C. Derksen, E. Ledrew, A. Walker, and B. Goodison
Notes on Current Techniques in Modeling Spatial Heterogeneity
M.R. Albert
Spatially Distributed Snow Modeling for a Comprehensive Study of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins, California
S.F. Daly, R. Davis, T. Pangburn, E. Ochs, W. Rosenthal, R. Affleck, T. Baldwin, E. Bryant, J. Hardy, S. Taylor, H. Dotson, T. Evans, C. Dunn, and M. Burham
Seasonal Snow Cover Monitoring in Canada: An Assessment of Canadian Contributions for Global Climate Monitoring
R.D. Brown, A.E. Walker and B. Goodison
Development of a Prototype Snow Albedo Algorithm for the NASA MODIS Instrument
A.G. Klein, D.K. Hall and A.W. Nolin
Early Analysis of the EOS MODIS Snow Cover Data Products
G. Riggs and D.K. Hall
Prospects for the Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS)
B.H. Ramsay
Remote Sensing of Fractional Snow Cover Using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Data
J.S. Barton, D.K. Hall and G.A. Riggs
Development of a Method to Monitor Soil Freezing in the La Grande River Watershed Using SSM/I and RADARSAT Data
Lagacé and M. Bernier
Taxonomy and Biophysical Properties of Cryophilic Microalgae and Their Environmental Factors in Northwest Spitsbergen, Svalbard
T. Leya, T. Müller, H.U. Ling, and G. Fuhr
The Effects of Vita-Lite and Blue Light Pre-Acclimation on Sexual Reproduction in the Green Snow Alga, Chloromonas sp.-D (Chlorophyceae, Volvocales), Using Different Photoperiods
R.W. Hoham, M.D. Ragan, A.M. Marcarelli, B.M. Petre, J.M. Barnes, H.S. Rogers, and MD Ungerer
Sno Foo Award



























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