The 2006-2007 Executive for the 64th Eastern Snow Conference

Past President

Claude Duguay, Ontario, Canada


Andrew Klein, Texas, USA

Vice President&
Program Chair

Chris Derksen, Toronto, Canada



Miles Ecclestone, Ontario, Canada

Derrill Cowing, Maine, USA

ESC Proceeding Editors

Robert Hellström, Massachusetts, USA
Susan Frankenstein, New Hampshire, USA

Hydrological Processes
Special Issue Editors

John Pomeroy, Saskatchewan, Canada
Andrew Klein, Texas, USA

Steering Committee

Steven Fassnacht, Colorado, USA (Chair)
Mauri Pelto, Massachusetts, USA
Janet Hardy, New Hampshire, USA
Richard Kelly, Ontario, Canada

Research Committee

Richard Kelly, Ontario, Canada (Chair)
Baker Perry, North Carolina, USA
Stephen Déry, British Columbia, Canada
Allan Frei, New York, USA
Nathasa Neumann Saskatchewan, Canada


Andrew Klein, Texas, USA

Local Arrangements Committee

John Pomeroy, Saskatchewan, Canada
Jim Buttle


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