Syracuse, New York 17-19 May 2000

"Snow and Ice: Properties, Processes, Problems & Prospects"

Scientific Program:

This year’s ESC promises to be an interesting meeting, with international participation of authors presenting oral and poster papers on a wide range of snow-and-ice-related topics. The preliminary program is attached, and an updated version of the program is maintained on the ESC web site at Guidelines for presenters and for the preparation of papers for the ESC Proceedings are also provided on the web site. For the ESC proceedings, the review process is now optional. Remember to bring four copies of your paper with you to the meeting if you would like to have your paper reviewed, and two copies if you do not desire a review. Please give your paper to the session chair who will collect the proceedings papers and coordinate the review for the papers in his/her session. Authors who wish their papers considered for publication in the journal Hydrological Processes need to go through the journal peer-review process; those authors should contact the editors directly (Janet Hardy or John Pomeroy ).

Conference Registration:

The registration desk will open on Wednesday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the Holiday Inn Syracuse/Liverpool convention center lobby. The evening registration will be held in conjunction with an icebreaker reception. The registration desk will also be open beginning at 7:45 a.m. on Thursday morning.

The pre-conference registration fee is $150 (US) or $220 (C) if payment is received by May 7, 2000. Please pay by U.S. or Canadian check or money order, made payable to the Eastern Snow Conference, and mail to:

Miles Ecclestone
Department of Geography
Trent University
1600 West Bank Dr
Peterborough ON
705-748-1546 (tel)
705-748-1205 (fax)

The registration fee for payment at the meeting is $175. (US) or $260. (C). The student registration fee is $60. (US) or $90. (C). Banquet tickets can be purchased for $25. (US) or $35. (C) each. Registration includes: a one-year membership in ESC, conference attendance, copy of conference proceedings, coffee breaks, Icebreaker reception, ESC Breakfast, and the ESC Banquet.


The meeting will take place in the heart of New York State at the Holiday Inn Syracuse/Liverpool, 441 Electronics Parkway, Syracuse, N.Y., phone: 315-457-1122, fax: 315-451-0675. The hotel is a full-service hotel and conference center, with indoor pool, fitness facility, and business center; the web site for the hotel is:


A block of rooms has been reserved at a special conference rate of $ 70. (US) for single rooms and $80. (US) for double rooms. Don’t forget to mention the Eastern Snow Conference to get this room rate.

Please reserve your room BEFORE 17 April 2000 by calling


Food and drink:

Registration will include the "Icebreaker Reception" on Wednesday (17 May) evening (19:00 – 22:00) and the "ESC Breakfast" on Thursday (18 May) morning (7:00 – 8:00). A pre-banquet cash bar will be available from 18:00 – 19:00 with a complimentary drink. The banquet, the cost of which is covered under the registration fee (except for student registrations), will be at 19:00 on Thursday. Participants are responsible for all other meals, which can be obtained at the hotel or at any of several eating establishments close to the hotel.

The ESC 2000 Team:

Dorothy Hall - ESC President
Mary Albert - ESC Vice President and Program Chair
Austin Hogan - ESC Secretary/Treasurer
Miles Ecclestone - ESC Secretary/Treasurer
Art Eschner - Local Arrangements Chair
Horace Shaw - Local Arrangements
Janet Hardy - Editor
John Pomeroy - Editor


Wednesday, 17 May 2000

18:30 Ice breaker, registration, and poster setup

19:30 ESC executive pre-conference meeting

Thursday, 18 May 2000

07:00 - 07:45 ESC Breakfast

08:00 Welcome, announcements, business meeting

Session I: Glacier & Snowpack Runoff

08:30 Climatic variation and runoff from an Alpine glacier - David N. Collins

08:50 Effects of asynchronous snowmelt on flushing of dissolved organic carbon: a mixing model approach - E.W. Boyer, E.W, G M Hornberger, K E Bencala, and D M McKnight

09:10 Winter stemflow leachate dynamics from deciduous canopy trees in relation to precipitation event characteristics - Delphis F. Levia, Jr.

09:30 Evaluating the Effect of Spatially and Temporally Varying Recharge Flux and d18O on Hydrograph Separation during Snowmelt - K. N. Hjerdt, R. Melloh, S. Taylor, J. Shanley, C. Kendall, J. J. McDonnell

09:50 2-minute poster presentations

10:15 coffee break

Session II: Snow & Ice Processes

10:40 Taxonomy and biophysical properties of cryophilic microalgae and their environmental factors in North-West Spitsbergen, Svalbard - Thomas Leya, Torsten Müller & Günter Fuhr

11:00 The Chemical dynamics of a snow cover on an Arctic Ice Cap: atmosphere-snow exchange and in situ processes - H.G. Jones and M. Duchesnau

11:20 Permeability of ice layers in a natural snowpack - M.Albert, F. Perron

11:40 Incorporating Effects of Forest Litter in a Snow Process Model - J.P Hardy, R. Melloh, P.Robinson, R. Jordan

12:00 Sensitivity of selected freezing rain models to meteorological data - Pierre McComber

12:20 lunch

Session III: Remote sensing of snow & ice

13:30 Development of a Prototype Snow Albedo Algorithm for the NASA MODIS Instrument - Andrew Klein

13:50 Early Analysis of the EOS MODIS Snow Cover Data Products - George Riggs, Dorothy K. Hall

14:10 Prospects for the Interactive Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System (IMS) - Bruce H. Ramsay and David A. Robinson

14:30 Remote sensing of fractional snow cover using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data - J.S. Barton, D.K. Hall, G.A. Riggs

14:40 coffee break & poster viewing

Session IV: Extreme events

15:30 Geography of Blizzards in the Conterminous United States, 1959-1999 - Robert M. Schwartz

15:50 The National Climate Extremes Committee's Evaluation of the Reported 1,140 inch national 1998-99 seasonal snowfall record at the Mount Baker, Washington Ski Area - Robert J. Leffler and Andrew Horvitz

16:00 Summer snowpack variations with altitude on Mt. Baker, Washington 1990-1999, a comparison with record 1998-99 snowfall - Mauri S. Pelto

16:20 The role of deformation in focusing the heavy snowfall gradient in the 13-14 March 1999 Missouri snow event - P.S. Market, M. Sutton, D. Gaede, A. Foster2 D. Cissell, C. Halcomb, D. Boehmer, A. Kunz, N. Mikulas, A. Oehl, B. Oravetz, S. Thompson.

16:40 adjourn

18:00 Happy Hour

19:00 Banquet

Friday, 19 May 2000

07:30 Executive meeting

Session V: Snow variability & distributed modeling

08:30 Winter Season Variability in North American Prairie SWE Distribution and Atmospheric Circulation - C. Derksen, E. LeDrew, A. Walker, and B. Goodison

08:50 Variation in Snowmelt on Tundra Hillslopes - J.W. Pomeroy, B. Toth, D.M. Gray, R.H.L. Essery, R. Granger, N. Hedstrom

09:10 Patterns and Trends in Snowpack Water Equivalent in northern Vermont, 1960-2000 - James B. Shanley, Jon C. Denner, and Darryl Calkins

09:30 Validation of a Snowmelt Distribution Technique at Sleeper’s River Research Watershed - Rae Melloh

09:50 Snow Modeling for the Comprehensive Study on the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Basins - S.F. Daly, R. Davis, T. Pangburn, R. Affleck, T. Baldwin, E. Bryant, J. Hardy, E. Ochs, S. Taylor

10:10 coffee break

Session VI: Climate modeling & climate effects

10:40 Seasonal Snow Cover Monitoring in Canada - An Assessment of Canadian Contributions for Global Climate Monitoring - Ross D. Brown, Anne E. Walker and Barry E. Goodison

11:00 Assessing Snow Simulations of Land-Surface Schemes Used in Atmospheric Models - C. Adam Schlosser

11:20 Modeling Issues of Snow and Land-Ice in a Global Climate Model - C. Adam Schlosser, Paul A. Dirmeyer, and Larry Marx

11:40 Regional Snowfall Distributions Associated with ENSO - Shawn R. Smith and James J. O'Brien

12:00 adjourn

Poster session (Thursday, 18 May & Friday, 19 May)

Development of a method to monitor soil freezing in the La Grande River watershed using SSM/I and RADARSAT data - Catherine Lagacé and Monique Bernier

The impact of sampling density on glacier mass balance determination - Mauri S. Pelto

Three ice-related data series from high Arctic, Canada - Miles Ecclestone, Peter Adams and Graham Cogley

Albedo and Snow Properties during Ablation in a Sub-arctic Alpine Environment - Guillaume Fortin, John Pomeroy, and Monique Bernier

Representation of Forest Cover in a Physically Based Snowmelt Model, Phase II - Robert Ake Hellstrom

Instrumentation testing for real-time measurement of liquid equivalent snowfall on Mt Washington - Jeff Cole

A Review of Techniques for Parameterizing Subgrid-Scale Heterogeneity - Mary Albert

The effect of Wide Spectrum and blue light preacclimation on sexual reproduction in the green snow alga, Chloromonas sp.-D (Chlorophyceae, Volvocales), using different photoperiods - Michael D. Ragan, Haldre S. Rogers, Amy M. Marcarelli, Benjamin M. Petre, Michael D. Ungerer, Joseph M. Barnes and Ronald. W. Hoham

The transformation of cells from oblong to spherical in the life cycle of the green snow alga, Chloromonas sp.-D (Chlorophyceae, Volvocales) - Amy M. Marcarelli, Haldre S. Rogers, Michael D. Ragan, Joseph M. Barnes, Michael D. Ungerer, Benjamin M. Petre and Ronald W. Hoham

The phylogenetic affinities of cold tolerant species of the green algae, Chloromonas and Chlamydomonas (Chlorophyceae, Volvocales): an analysis using 18S rDNA and the ITS1 and ITS2 regions - Tomas A. Bonome, James H. Leebens-Mack and Ronald W. Hoham