Final Program - 55th Eastern Snow Conference
June 3-5, 1998 - Jackson, New Hampshire

Last Updated: May 28, 1998

Wednesday June 3

19:00-22:00 	Registration/Ice Breaker in 2nd floor reception area of the Carriage House.
		Poster set-up in Carriage House

Thursday June 4

7:00-8:00 	ESC Breakfast, Hotel

8:30-9:20 	Welcome by President
		Exec. Committee Reports
		Announcements (Fredericton ESC 1999; ESC 2000)
Morning Session Chair: Bert Davis
 9:20-10:00	Guest Speaker (Dr. David Robinson, Rutgers U.) The Montague Snow 
                Storm of January 11-12, 1997.

10:00-10:30 	Coffee Break - Poster Viewing

10:30-10:50 	1. Revised snow measurement guidelines for National Weather Service 
                   Cooperative observers. Robert J. Leffler (National Weather Service), A. 
                   Horvitz and N. Doesken.

10:50-11:10	2. Forecasting snowfall amounts: an ingredients based methodology 
                   supporting the Garcia method. Daniel D. Nietfeld (National Weather 
                   Service) and D.A. Kennedy.

11:10-11:30	3. Evaluation of precipitation gauges and wind shielding for the
                   measurement of real-time liquid-equivalent snowfall. Jeff Cole,
                   C. Wade and R.M. Rasmussen (NCAR).

11:30-12:00 	2 minute oral presentations by poster presenters.

12:00-13:30 	Lunch (on your own - hotel or in Jackson)
Afternoon Session 1 Chair: Suzanne Hartley
13:30-13:50	4. Oxygen and hydrogen isotope compositions of snowmelt from an 
                   isotopically well characterized snowpack. S. Taylor (CRREL), X. Feng, 
                   R. Osterhuber, J. Kirchner and B. Klaue.

13:50-14:10	5. Snowpack development and ablation on glaciers and alpine areas in 
                   the North Cascades. Washington, Mauri S. Pelto (Nichols College, MA).

14:10-14:30	6. Rainfall-induced high-magnitude discharge events in late summer in 
                   glacierised alpine basins. David N. Collins (University of Oxford).

14:30-14:50	7. High frequency passive microwave radiometry over a snow-covered 
                   surface. Andrew Tait (NASA/GSFC).

14:50-15:10	8. Algorithm intercomparison for accuracy assessment of the MODIS 
                   snow-mapping algorithm. Andrew G. Klein (NASA/GSFC), D. Hall and 
                   K. Seidel.

15:10-15:30	Coffee Break - Poster Viewing
Afternoon Session 2 Chair: Mary Albert
15:30-15:50	9. Estimation of errors in snow-cover mapping in North America using 
                   satellite data. Dorothy K. Hall (NASA/GSFC), J.L. Foster, V.V. 
                   Salomonson, A.G. Klein and J.Y.L. Chen.

15:50-16:10	10. Synoptic Patterns influencing midwinter snowmelt across the 
                    northern Great Plains of the United States. Andrew Grundstein* 
                    (University of Delaware) and D. Leathers. (*1998 Student Paper Award)

16:10-16:30	11. Snowfall trends in the south and central Appalachians 1964-1995.
                    Suzanne Hartley (Morehead State University).

16:30-16:50	12. Coupled modelling of forest snow interception and sublimation. John Pomeroy
                    (National Hydrology Research Centre), N. Hedstrom, J. Parviainen and
                    D.M. Gray.

16:50-17:10	13. A comparison between neural network and multiple regression to 
                    develop a transmission line icing model. Pierre McComber (École de 
                    technologie supérieure, Montréal), J. Lafontaine, J. Laflamme, J. Druez 
                    and A. Paradis.

19:00-20:00	Pre-banquet cash bar - Poster Session (see attached list of poster titles)

20:00-22:00	Banquet - Dinner Speaker: Mr. Brad Ray, Snow Ranger, U.S. Forest Service
		Student Paper Award (Ross Brown)
		Student Poster Awards (Dick Chisholm)
		Sno-Foo Award (Stan Zeccolo)

Friday June 5

Morning Session 1 Chair: Ross Brown

9:00-9:40	Guest Speaker (Dr. John Pomeroy, NHRI) Modelling Snow Processes for Prairie, Arctic
                and Boreal Forest Environments.

9:40-10:00	14. Severe flooding associated with the ablation of an anomalous 
                    snowpack across North-Central Pennsylvania. Daniel J. Leathers 
                    (University of Delaware).	

10:00-10:20	15. Hydrologic snowpack modelling in Southern Ontario. Steven R. 
                    Fassnacht (University of Waterloo), E.D. Soulis and N. Kouwen.

10:20-10:40	Coffee Break - Poster Viewing
Morning Session 2 Chair: Dorothy Hall
10:40-11:00	16. Using weather history to predict snowpack conditions. Dick 
                    Chisholm (Plymouth State College).

11:00-11:20	17. Meltwater percolation through a snowpack. G.M. Courtin and
                    G. Davy (Dept. of Biology, Laurentian University).

11:20-11:40	18. Snow damage to spruce in a subartcic treeline environment, 
                    Schefferville, Québec. Dany Gareau and H.B. Granberg (U. Sherbrooke).

11:40-12:00	19. The size distribution of snow layers. Austin Hogan (Piermont, NH), 
                    A.J. Gow and D. Meese.

12:00-12:15	Closing remarks, announcements.

13:30		Assemble for tour of Mt. Washington (car pool transportation)

Saturday June 6

9:00		Group day-hike to Tuckerman Ravine (assemble Eagle Mt. House lobby)

Poster Presentations:

Co-Chairs: Rae Melloh (Posters 1-5); John Pomeroy (Posters 6-9)

1.  Connecticut snowfall distribution. Mathew J. Czikowsky and R.A. Castillo, Western 
    Connecticut State University.
2.  Local snow sampling with grade school children. Steven R. Fassnacht, E.D. Soulis and N. 
    Kouwen, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Waterloo.
3.  Associations between spatially autocorrelated patterns of SSM/I-derived prairie snow cover 
    and atmospheric circulation. Chris Derksen, W. Wulder and E. LeDrew, Dept. of Geography, 
    University of Waterloo.
4.  Trends in snow accumulation and ablation in a sub-alpine forested area. Robert E. Davis 
    (CRREL) and S.A. Burak (Snow Survey Consultants).
5.  Rock avalanche, Cannon Cliffs, Franconia Notch, NH. Phillip Brady and 9 others 
    (Plymouth State College).
6.  An automated procedure for graphing snow pit stratigraphy, Ted Shultz and Mary Albert 
7.  Spatial variation of snow cover in boreal forest. Robert E. Davis and J.P. Hardy (CRREL), 
    J.R. Metcalfe and A.E. Walker (Atmospheric Environment Service).
8.  Large basin melt prediction using mesoscale meteorological model data. R. Melloh, G. 
    Koenig, R. Jordan and C. McKenzie (CRREL).
9.  El Niño and North American snow cover. Ross Brown (Atmospheric Environment Service).

Commericial Exhibits: