CHAIR: Geoff Kite

Monday, May 5 MB250
0820Mary Albert and

Greg Krajeski

A New Point Snow Melt Model for Use in Distributed Applications
0840Petr Chylek, Bruce Johnson and Linhog Kou Black Carbon in Snow and Ice
0900David N. Collins Climatic Fluctuations and Changes in Glacier Characteristics Influencing Suspended Sediment Transport in Meltwaters Draining from an Alpine Glacier
0920F. Malcolm Conly,

Joseph Culp and Elain Smith

Benthic Invertebrate Response to Bed Material Variability: Jumping Pound Creek, Alberta
0940Keith R. Cooley and

Peter Palmer

Characteristics of Snowmelt from NRCS SNOTEL (SNOwTELimetry) Sites
1000Gary Freeman Hydro-fuels, Maintenance, and Pricing Risk Management - Changing Times in Snow Zone Water Management


1100Robert E. Davis,

C. Woodcock, J.P. Hardy, W. Ni, R. Jordan and

J.C. McKenzie

Spatially-Distributed Modeling of Snow in the Boreal Forest

1120Dirk H. de Boer Drainage Basins as a Nested Hierarchy: A Distributed Model of Specific Sediment Yield for the Whitesand-Assiniboine River Basin, Canada
1140L. Donnelly and

R.D. Moore

Comparison of Rainfall-Runoff Modelling Techniques in Small Forested Catchments




CHAIR: Ross Brown

Monday, May 5 MB250
1300Claude R. Duguay

and Peter M. Lafleur

The Use of High-Resolution ERS-1 SAR Data for Investigating Ice Formation and Decay of Subarctic Lakes and Ponds
1320Kelly Elder, Bert Davis,

and Walter Rosenthal

Estimating the Spatial Distribution of Snow Water Equivalence in a Montane Watershed
1340Philip Marsh and

John Pomeroy

Flow Variability, Ice Layer Growth, and Snowpack Meltwater Chemistry


CHAIR: R. Hyndman

Monday, May 5 MB250
1400-1700S.C. Colbeck The Geophysics of Snow
plus other CGU invitees


CHAIR: Wayne Rouse

Tuesday, May 6 MB250
0800ESC Student Prize-Winner Paper
0820Chadwick A. Moore

and Ward W. McCaughey

Snow Accumulation under Various Forest Stand Densities at Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest, Montana, USA
0840Phillip E. Farnes Historic Role of Fire in Determining Water Yield from Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest, Montana, USA
0900Robert J. Leffler, Andrew Horvitz and Nolan Doesken Revised Snow Measurement Guidelines for National Weather Service Cooperative Observers
0920B. Gwilliam and D. Harp Evaluation of Meteorologic and Sava River Flow Forecasts, Bosnia
0940André Robert and

William Uhlman

Bedform Development in a Sand-Bedded Fluvial Environment: Flume Experiments on the Ripple-DuneTransition
1000R.B. Haehnel and J.H. Lever Field Measurements of Snow Drift Development Rate


1100T.E. Harms and

D.S. Chanasyk

The Importance of Aspect in Snowmelt Runoff
1120Suzanne Hartley Western Atlantic Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions and the Seasonal Snowfall Regime of Southern New England
1140Ronald W. Hoham,

Jennifer Y. Kang

and Andrew J. Hasselwanter

The Effects of Blue Light on Mating Strategies in the Snow Alga , Chloromonas, from the Tughill Plateau, New York State




CHAIR: Phil Marsh

Tuesday, May 6 MB250
1300Christopher Hopkinson

and Gordon Young

The Impact of Glacier Recession upon the Discharge of the Bow River above Banff, Alberta, 1951-1993
1320A. House , M. English,

R.A. MacLean and S.L. Schiff

The Role of Tile Drains and Macropores in NO3-

Contamination of Streams in Strawberry Creek Agricultural Watershed, Waterloo, Ontario

1340D.G. Hutchinson

and R.D. Moore

Spatial and Temporal Variability of Throughflow on a Forested Slope Underlain by Compacted Glacial Till
1400George Ingersoll, John Turk,

Craig McClure, Sean Lawlor,

Dave Clow, and Alisa Mast

Snowpack Chemistry as an Indicator of Pollutant Emission Levels from Motorized Winter Vehicles in Yellowstone National Park
1420Y. Ishii and D. Kobayashi Effect of Properties on Meltwater Infiltration

through Snow

1440J.P. Hardy, R.E. Davis,

R. Jordan, C. Woodcock

and W. Ni

Snow Ablation Modeling in Conifer and Deciduous

Stands of the Boreal Forest


1520Richard Kattelmann Very Warm Storms and Sierra Nevada Snowpacks
1540R.A. Keller , T.D. Prowse

and R.G. Lawford

Temporal Variability in Spring Snowpack and Precipitation, and the Frequency of Winter Atmospheric Circulation Patterns in the Peace River Basin






CHAIR: Gerry Beard

Wednesday, May 7 MB250
0800Andrew G. Klein,

Dorothy K. Hall

and George A. Riggs

Improving Snow-Cover Mapping in Forests Through the Use of a Canopy Reflectance Model

0820N.R. Hedstrom

and J.W. Pomeroy

Accumulation of Intercepted Snow in the Boreal Forest: Measurements and Modelling
0840B. Li , G. Kite

and U. Haberlandt

Application of SLURP Hydrological Model to a Sub-arctic Basin
0900David Maloney Soil Moisture Patterns in a Forest, Partial Cut and Clearcut Located in the Interior Cedar Hemlock (ICHmc2) Biogeoclimete Zone of West Central B.C.
0920Richard Essery Boreal Forests and Snow in Climate Models
0940Lawrence W. Martz

and Jurgen Garbrecht

Geometric Parameterization of Subwatersheds from Raster Digital Elevation Models
1000D.J. McDonald

and J. Buttle

The Role of Macropores in Stormflow Generation on Forested Slopes: an Experimental Investigation


1100R. Melloh, G. Koenig,

S. Daly, R. Jordan

and R. Davis

An Operational Distributed Snow Dynamics Model for the Sava River, Bosnia
1120R.A. Metcalfe and J.M. Buttle Spatially-Distributed Snowmelt Rates in a Boreal Forest Catchment
1140R.D. Moore

and A.S. Hamilton

Winter Streamflow Recession Characteristics in Yukon Rivers




CHAIR: Peter Palmer

Wednesday, May 7 MB250
1300Natasha Neumann

and Philip Marsh

Local Advection in the Snowmelt Landscape of Arctic Tundra
1320T. Pangburn, R.E. Davis,

E. Ochs, W. Rosenthal

and K. Elder

Issues in Integrating Remote Sensing and GIS in Operational Snow Hydrology: Perspectives from Recent Experience
1340D.L. Peters, T.D. Prowse

and P. Marsh

Water-Balance Modelling of Perched Basins in the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Northeast Alberta, Canada
1400J.W. Pomeroy and L. Li Development of the Prairie Blowing Snow Model for Application in Climatological and Hydrological Models
1420Bruce H. Ramsay The Interative Multisensor Snow and Ice Mapping System
1440Jan Grygier, Jery Stedinger,

Robert Entriken, Jim Maneval

and Gary Freeman

SWIFT: A Simple, Conceptually-based Snowmelt and Rainfall-runoff Model with Modest Data Requirements


1520U. Haberlandt and G.W. Kite Optimal Precipitation Interpolation and Assimilation for Macroscal Watershed Modelling
1540Maurice Roos

and Charles Ross

An Experiment in Use of Seasonal Long-range Weather Forecasts for Water Supply Forecasts in Northern California
1600Brian Branfireun

and Nigel T. Roulet

Hydrology of a Precambrian Shield Headwater Wetland
1620Wayne R. RouseA Water Balance Model for a Subarctic Sedge Fen and its Application to Climatic Change
1640Klaus Seidel, Cornel Ehrler

and Jaroslav Martinec

Effects of Climate Change on Water Resources and Runoff in Alpine Regions



CHAIR: Bert Davis

Thursday, May 8 MB250
0800B.A. Proctor and C.D. Smith An Evaluation of the Spatial Distribution of Regional Finite Element Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Data over the Mackenzie Basin
0820R. Spewak The Effect of Land Use on Soil Macropores
0840William P. Wergin,

Albert Rango

and Eric F. Erbe

Sampling, Storing and Shipping Snow Crystals to Correlate and Photograph Images using Light

Microscopy and Low Temperature Scanning Electron Microscopy

0900Ross D. Brown

and R.O. Braaten

Spatial and Temporal Variability of Canadian Snow Depths, 1946-1995
0920L. Zhao and D.M. Gray Snowmelt Infiltration into a Sandy Soil under Frozen Condition
0940S.R. Fassnacht , N. Kouwen, E.D. Soulis

and T.P. Ridgway

Direct Sublimation of a Seasoned Snowpack


1020Danny Marks

and David Susong

The Sensitivity of Snowmelt Processes to Climate Conditions and Forest Cover during the 1996 Pacific Northwest Flood
1040Richard M. Chisholm Learning Scientific Writing through Snowpack Study: From Technique to Insight


Field Trip-Icefield Parkway/Columbia Icefields


Field Trip-Grassi Lakes/Kananaskis

POSTERS: HYDROLOGY denotes Student Paper

Monday, May 5
I. MuzikEstimation of CN Values on Forested Watersheds in Western Alberta
Thian Yew Gan

and Purushottam Singh

The Hydrological Impact of Climatic Warming to Two Catchments in North America
David N. Collins Solute and Sediment Fluxes in Meltwaters Draining from Glaciers in the Karakoram Himalaya
Kaz Adamowski Non-parametric and L-Moments Analysis of Annual Maximum and Partial Duration Floods
Alan BasistMonitoring Snowmelt with the SSM/I Instrument
Michael N. Demuth

and Gerry Holdsworth

Peyto Glacier, Alberta: An Interpretation of the Modern Mass Balance Record and the Potential Reconstruction of a Net Accumulation (Precipitation) Time Series into the 18th Century
Michael English,

Christopher Hopkinson,

Sherry L. Schiff

and Gordon J. Young

Isolating Glacial Runoff in the Bow River using Ionic and Stable Isotope Chemistry
Steven R. Fassnacht,

F. Malcolm Conly,

and Jesse N. Jasper

The Persistance of a Scour Hole on the East Channel of the Mackenzie Delta, NWT

N. Kouwen, S.R. Fassnacht,

E.D. Soulis and P. Joe

Seasonal Estimation of Snowfall using Weather Radar
Martin Jasek and Glenn Ford Coal Lake Outlet Freeze-up, Containment of Winter Inflows and Estimates of Related Outburst Flood on Wolf Creek, Yukon Territory
K. Wayne Forsythe Stepwise Multiple Regression Snow Models: GIS Applications in the Marmot Creek Basin, (Kananaskis Country, Alberta) Canada and the National Park Berchtesgaden, (Bayern) Germany

Frank Gehrke

A Detector for Determing Snow Water Content Based on Attenuation of Cosmic Radiation
J.J. Gibson and T.D. Prowse Spatio-temporal Variability of Lake Water Budgets in the Boreal Forest of Alberta using Isotopic Tracers: Preliminary Results
J.J. Gibson, R. Reid

and C. Spence

A Six-year Isotopic Record of Seasonal and Interannual Variability in Small Lake Evaporation near Yellowkniife, NWT
B. Gwilliam

and A. Strachan

Comparison of Four Solid Precipitation Gauges: Sleepers River, Vermont
Robert G. Hammer,

Phillip E. Farnes

and Robert A. McLeod

Comparison of Average Annual Precipitation Distributed by Different GIS Models for the Bitterroot Watershed, Montana
Alexi Zawadzki

and Gordon Young

An Application of the UBC Watershed Model to the Upper Bow Valley to Estimate Future Hydrologic Change
Stanford J. Zeccolo

and Stephen R. McLaughlin

New United States National Snowfall Record
R. Brad Hill, M.C. English,

T.D. Prowse and M.A. Stone

Geomorphological and Botanical Change on the Slave River Delta, 1930 to Present
Kathy L. Young

and Joan Pace

Water Storage Patterns and Plant Response in two High Arctic Wetlands Influenced by an Ablating Late-lying Snowbed
Y. Ding, Jean Stein,

L. Martz, J. Pomeroy

R. Granger, R. Janowicz

and P. Taylor

Process Modeling Strategies in the Wolf Creek Watershed
Tammy Johnson, Jeff Dozier

and Joel Michaelsen

Climate Change and Sierra Nevada Snowpack
D Scott Munro, Andrew Lowe and Lianne Belissario Landsat Determination of Surface Covers Classes and Associated Shortwave

Reflectances for Peyto Glacier


Tuesday, May 6
J.P. McNamara, D.L. Kane

and L.D. Hinzman

Nutrient Dynamics in Response to Storms in the Kuparuk River Basin, Arctic Alaska
D. Milburn and T.D. Prowse Under-ice, Sediment-bound Contaminant Transport and Deposition in the Slave River Delta, Northwest Territories
Larry Hamlin,

Alain Pietroniro, Terry Prowse, Ric Soulis

and Nick Kouwen

Application of Indexed Snowmelt Models to the Lower Liard River Valley
Terry D. Prowse

and F. Malcom Conly

Hydrometeorological Conditions Controlling Flooding of a Northern Delta
W.L. Quinton and P. Marsh

The Influence of the Near-Stream Area on Streamflow in an Arctic Tundra Basin
Joan M. Ramage, Bryan L. Isacks and Brenden P. Yakoubian ERS-1 Radar Glacier Zones and their Meteorological Controls: Copper River Basin, Alaska

F. Salehi, R. Lagace

and A.R. Pesant

Seasonal Variability of Sediment Yield from a Small Agricultural Watershed
F. Seglenieks, E.D. Soulis and N. Kouwen Determination of Snow-Covered Area using RADARSAT C-HH SAR Imagery on Two Small Test Sites in Southern Ontario
V.A. Semyonov Regional Particulars in the Rivers' Runoff Variations under the Climate Impact over Eurasia and North America
Kevin Shook and D.M. Gray

Development of an Integrated Melt Model for Shallow Snowcovers in Open Environments
Charles W. Slaughter Sustained, Integrated Programs of Northwest Watershed Research Center and Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed
Charles W. Slaughter Waning Alaskan Boreal Forest Hydrology Research

M. Su, W.J. Stolte

and G. van der Kamp

Modelling Wetland Hydrology using SLURP
Pascal Storck,Travis Kern

and Susan Bolton

Measurement of Differences in Snow Accumulation, Melt, and Micrometeorology between Clear-cut and Mature Forest Stands

David Tarboton, Keith Cooley and Charlie Luce

Spatially Distributed Surface Water Inputs to a Semi-Arid Mountain Watershed

from Snowmelt

Colin Taylor, Priscilla Phillips and Raul Ponce The Role of Wetlands in Drainage Systems of Glaciated Landscapes

D.A. Walker, A.M. Arft,

P.D. Brooks, J.T. Fahnstock,

M.H. Jones, A.N. Parsons,

T.R. Seastedt, P.L. Turner

M.D. Walker

and J.M. Welker

Long-Term Snow-Fence Experiments to Examine Effects of Altered Climate in Arctic and Alpine Tundra
T. Bardsley

and Mark Williams

Overcollection of Solid Precipitation by a Standard Precipitation Gage, Niwot Ridge, Colorado
Rita Winkler A Preliminary Look at Forest Canopy Indices of Snow Accumulation and Melt
Frederick J. Wrona,

Wm. Gummer, Kevin J. Cash

and Ken Crutchfield

Assessing Cumulative Impacts: The Northern River Basins Study
Eric van Bochove, H.G. Jones, N. Bertrand, F. Pelletier

and D. Prevost

Processes for the Production and Emission of Greenhouse Gases from Snow Covered Agricultural Soil in Eastern Canada

Richard Kattelmann Snowpack Characteristics of an Alpine Site in the Sierra Nevada
Martin Lacroix and

Lawrence W. Martz

Integration of the TOPAZ Landscape Analysis and SLURP Hydrologic Models
El-Hedi Maloufi,

Pierre McComber

and Jean Laflamme

Galloping Occurrence in a Freezing Rain Storm
Danny Marks The Application of a Energy Balance Snowmelt Model to Estimate Ground-Water Recharge in a Mountain Basin under Varying Climate Conditions
Bhaskar Joshi

and Charles Maule

Estimation of Vadose Zone Soil Water Flux from Environmental Tracer Profiles
Mark Rikkers , J. Box,

M. Williams

and R. Sommerfeld

Patterned Ice Columns in a Semi-Permanent Alpine Snowpack as Preferential Liquid Water Pathway Features
Maria D. Ananicheva Valuation of Mountain Glaciation Reaction on Global Warming
John S. Quinlan The Snow Accumulation Algorithm for the WSR-88D Current Progress and Future Development
James Moffitt Modeling Snowmelt Run-off at a Hazardous Waste Site