Instructions for Authors

This year authors have two options for publishing research presented at the ESC Meeting. Authors may publish their work in the annual Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings AND You may also submit your manuscript for possible publication in the special December issue of Hydrological Processes, dedicated to the Eastern and Western Snow Conference Meetings. Detailed instructions on submitted publications to both the Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings and Hydrological Processes are found below.


Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings

As of 1999, there are now more options for authors preparing papers for the ESC Proceedings. Authors may choose to submit a full-length paper or an extended abstract for publication in the Proceedings. The review process is now optional, but encouraged as it improves the quality of the manuscript. Please inform the session chair at the meeting of your publication plans. This year, Alexandre Langlois, Robert Hellström and Susan Frankenstein are editors of the ESC proceedings.

Why submit? The Eastern Snow Conference Executive Committee encourages all participants to submit their contributions to the ESC Proceedings. This archive of wide-ranging cryospheric work extends continuously back to 1949, and you should be part of it!  Nearly the entire proceedings will be available in digital format at the Eastern Snow Conference web site in upcoming years.

If you also submit to HP We encourage you to also submit to the Proceedings, as we post all contributions online and we strive for a comprehensive set of papers reflecting the content of the sessions at the annual meeting. Abstracts are not posted on the ESC web site. However, you may submit an Extended Abstract to the Proceedings (see examples from previous Proceedings on the web site). Do not wait until you receive peer review feedback from HP to submit an identical copy to the Proceedings; this only delays the publication of the Proceedings and literally duplicates your submissions.

Procedure for Eastern Snow Conference Proceedings

There are two options for contributions to the Proceedings: authors may choose to submit a full-length paper or an extended abstract for publication in the Proceedings.  The peer review process is optional, but encouraged as it improves the quality of the manuscript.  Please inform the session chair at the meeting of your publication plans.

Authors wishing peer review of papers they are submitting to the ESC Proceedings may

a) give drafts of their paper to their session chair at the conference, OR
b) email digital copies to the Proceedings Editors by the July 1st

You may include a list of potential reviewers. The session chairs will distribute the papers to the reviewers, collect the completed reviews, and forward papers and reviews to the ESC editors by 1 July.  Authors will receive reviewer(s) comments by the last Friday in July.

The Microsoft Word template and style guide will greatly aid your preparation of a camera-ready manuscript or extended abstract.

E-Mail submissions and questions to:

Dr. Alexandre Langlois
Centre for research and applications in remote sensing / Centre d'applications et de recherches en télédétection
University of Sherbrooke
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada



Hydrological Processes for the Eastern Snow Conference 

This year's procedure for submitting manuscripts to Hydrological Processes differs from that used in the past. Manuscripts are due on 1 July submitted following the new procedure as described below and copies of the following instructions are also available as PDF and Microsoft Word Documents.

The submission and editorial process of the special issue will be coordinated through the Editorial Office of Hydrological Processes. Queries with regard to submission etc should be addressed to Jo Charlton at the Editorial Office of Hydrological Processes  ) Any other queries should be addressed directly to the Guest Editors.

Details on preparing a paper for Hydrological Processes are available at: . Please click on the "Instructions for Authors" link.

Follow the guidelines for paper style, reference format, illustrations etc as explained in the Instructions for Authors. The length of papers is < 7500 words. Please keep the readership and scope of Hydrological Processes in mind when preparing your paper.

When submitting your paper, we should be grateful if you could go to the electronic submission site and upload your manuscript:
Full details of how to upload the paper can be found in the Instructions to Authors on the submission site.

Please ensure that you state that the paper is a "special issue" paper and that you indicate in the space provided that it is to be considered for the special issue "Eastern Snow Conference". You will receive automated confirmation that the paper has been received.

The paper will be sent for external review in the same manner as a regular submission to Hydrological Processes.  Please suggest two reviewers for consideration by the Editors with your submission.

A timetable is provided below for your information. In order to ensure timely publication of this special issue, it is imperative that all authors submit their manuscripts (both initial submissions and subsequent revisions) on time.

Eastern Snow Conference 5-7 June
Instructions to Authors 1 July
Submission of papers to Manuscript Central 1 July
Reviewed papers returned to Authors 30 October
Submission of revised papers by authors 30 January
Acceptances advised to authors 1 March

Papers approved for publication by the special issue Guest Editors are subject to final approval by the Editor-in-Chief of Hydrological Processes.

Yours truly,

Mauri Pelto and Richard Kelly
Guest Editors, ESC Special Issue of Hydrological Processes

Additional information on the journal, including manuscript and reference styles is available on the Hydrological Processes web site.

For further information please on Hydrological Processes submissions please contact:

Mauri Pelto